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Photos of UPC Sanctuary Residents Rhubarb, Francine, Frankencense, Jill & Julia, Amelia, Arnold, and Mr. Frizzle © Davida G. Breier & www.NoVoiceUnheard.org

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United Poultry Concerns
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A Holiday Happy Ending: Mama Hen and Seven Chicks Rescued from a Gas Station
Mama hen watches chicks
“Chickens are great companions. If only people knew how smart and lovable they can be.”
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“Free-Range” Poultry and Eggs:
Not All They’re Cracked Up To Be chicks_on_shells
The story of the little chicken named
Viva who started it all...
Turkeys are Friends, Not Food richard_cundari_with_amelia-s (61K)
The Life of One Battery Hen
Chickens in Battery Cage
United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the compassionate and respectful treatment of chickens, turkeys, ducks and other domestic fowl. We hold that the treatment of these birds in the areas of food production, science, education, entertainment, and humane companionship situations has a significant effect upon human, animal, and environmental welfare. We seek to make the public aware of the ways in which poultry are used, and to promote the benefits of a vegan diet and lifestyle. We provide information through our quarterly magazine Poultry Press, our Website at www.upc-online.org, and our sanctuary in Machipongo, Virginia on the Eastern Shore. We invite you to join us and support our work. To learn more, please contact:
Winter 2016-2017 PP
“Broiler Breeder” Chickens: Their Misery Revealed
More Than a Meal
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More Than a Meal
The Turkey in History, Myth,
Ritual, and Reality
Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs(Revised)
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Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs: An Inside Look at the Modern Poultry Industry
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Life Can Be Beautiful -
Go Vegan:
Great Recipes & More

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Now Available in Spanish!
The Holocaust & The Henmaid's Tale
“Brilliant: devastating in its analysis and hopeful in its premise.” – Carol J. Adams
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Alliance to End
Chickens As Kaparos

Alliance to End Chickens As Kaporos EndChickensAsKaporos.com
United Poultry Concerns • PO Box 150 • Machipongo, VA 23405 USA
Phone: 757-678-7875 • Fax: 757-678-5070 • Email: info@upc-online.org • Website: www.upc-online.org

UPC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Federal ID: 52-1705678 upc_3chickens_banner (59K)
Photo of UPC Sanctuary Residents Zenobia, Julia & Jolene © Davida G. Breier & www.NoVoiceUnheard.org