United Poultry Concerns
KFC Protest - January 8, 2000

Rockin' Colonel in a Wonderland
(to Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland tune)
by Jamey West

In the Snow, Brightly Glistenin'
Screamin' Chants, They'll be Listenin'
But the Chickens can't Talk,
So with Signs we will Walk,
Rockin' Colonel in a Wonderland!

Maybe we can build a Colonel Snowman!
And with a torch we melt it's snowy head,
But then a pacifist protests, "Hey No Man!",
So we circle round and yell "Go Veg" instead!

Slay-Bells Ring, Colonel's Killin'
With Their Flesh, Bellies Fillin'
For their Lives we will Fight,
Because it is Right,
Rockin' Colonel in a Wonderland.

Let's make a snowy fun protest day in a Winter Wonderland! Saturday, January 8th starting at Noon at the Killing for Cash(KFC) Clinic on 15180 Frederick Road Between East Gude and College Parkway on Frederick Road, Rt. 355. Then we will go to Yuan Fu, a vegan Chinese Restaurant in Rockville, Maryland(on Rt. 355 at intersection of First Street and 355 across from the Richie Center) If you want to pick up with us at that point, we will try to be there at 1:45 PM. Then after that we will go to the KFC on Georgia Avenue, near the intersections of Georgia Avenue and Glenallen and Georgia and Layhill Avenue in Wheaton Maryland at 3:30, and we will protest until 5 PM.

There will also be a carpool at Grosvenor Metro at 11:30 to take people to the first protest in Rockville.

Contact: Jamey Lee West - 301-990-0593

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(Action Alert - KFC Protest - January 8, 2000)