United Poultry Concerns
April 11, 2000
Support Bill That Would Ban Cruel Force-Feeding on Foie Gras Farms

A bill has been introduced into the New York state legislature that would prohibit the cruel methods used to force-feed ducks and geese in foie gras production. On foie gras farms, workers grab the birds three times a day, jam open their bills, and force-feed them by shoving a long, inflexible pipe down their throats. An air-driven pump forces a third of the day's approximately seven pounds of corn into each bird's stomach. Some experience ruptured internal organs due to the pressure, and workers are given monetary rewards for not "bursting" birds. The stress and pain often result in birds who can no longer walk and are reduced to propelling themselves over their cage floors by pushing with their wings. In the United Kingdom and Germany, foie gras production is already illegal due to the unnecessary pain and suffering involved. New York is only one of two states in the United States where foie gras farms exist.

Please e-mail each member of the New York State Committee on Agriculture and ask that they report bill A05967 out of committee and support its approval on the assembly floor. Please be sure to mention if you are a New York resident. E-mail copies of your letter to the addresses below:

United Poultry Concerns. April 11, 2000

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(Action Alert - Ban Cruel Force-Feeding on Foie Gras Farms)