United Poultry Concerns Announces
S T I C K   U P   F O R   C H I C K E N S !
Protest at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Please join United Poultry Concerns as we protest Kentucky Fried Chicken, the leading vendor of prepared "chicken". They make it so convenient for people to ingest the flesh of these birds, who were abused and neglected during their short lives. Let's remind folks what wonderful animals chickens are, and what carnage underlies the "product" of restaurants like KFC. Over four thousand cars will drive slowly past this restaurant on this May Sunday after church. Let's have a presence on both sides of Rt. 355 so each driver gets a memorable message.

    Date: Sunday, May 28th Sunday

    Time: 12p - 1:30p

    Where: KFC, 426 North Frederick Road in Gaithersburg, MD

    Directions: From the Beltway, take I-270 North towards Frederick Maryland. Go about ten miles and take the Montgomery Village Avenue exit, (exit 11). When you come off the ramp, stay in the right lane, because at the main intersection, route 355, you will turn right. You are on North Frederick Road(which = Rt 355). Go about a half mile south and KFC will be on your right. Park right next door at a real estate building that is dormant on Sundays. Signs, banners and literature provided.

    Need a Ride?: Meet at the Grosvenor Metro Station in Rockville, MD at 11:30 AM. From 495, take the MD Rte 355 exit. Follow Rte. 355 North. At the first light, take a right onto Tuckerman Lane to the Grosvenor Metro.

    For more information: contact Jamey West at 301-990-0593.

Please Join Us in Showing the World People Care About Chickens!

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(Protest Against KFC in Gaithersburg, MD - May 28, 2000)