United Poultry Concerns October 14, 2000
Minneapolis Institute of Arts Confines Chickens
    Mr. Evan Maurer, Director and President
    Ms. Beverly N. Grossman, Chair, Board of Directors
    Minneapolis Institute of Arts
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An exhibit titled "An acre of art" by Mark Knierim and Robert Lawrence consists of two grey and white chickens confined to a small cage nailed to a wall. The exhibit is scheduled to run until November 19th.

The birds have been observed exhibiting fear behavior on several occasions, and there is nothing for them to do. The birds are being degraded to museum specimens, as if they were inanimate objects or dead, which they are not.

Chickens should have activities suited to their species, including opportunities to forage, sunbathe, dustbathe (practice bodily hygiene), and socialize naturally. Chickens actively walk, run, and fly to perches. Denial of these natural activities constitutes inhumane treatment.

Please urge Mr. Mauer and Ms. Grossman to cancel the remainder of this exhibit featuring the live birds. The fact that these birds are not being subjected to physical injury does not mean that they are

not being subjected to physical injury does not mean that they are being treated humanely. The exhibit demeans the birds, which is inhumane, and encourages visitors, including children, to view chickens inappropriately and perhaps imitate the confinement and vacuity imposed on them as "art."

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United Poultry Concerns. October 14, 2000

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