United Poultry Concerns November 8, 2000
A Victory in Hawai'i for Chicks!

From: Cathy Goeggel, Animal Rights Hawai'i

Last Friday, we received a complaint that a local public school (Ali'iolani School) was hosting a craft fair on the weekend--and that free chicks would be distributed. We immediately called the school and then the district Superintendent's office to express our concern about the ethics of giving away living creatures and also the potential liability for the Dept. of Education regarding the possible transmission of salmonella from Chicks--within 2 hours, we received notice that the Chick giveaway had been cancelled; we also spoke with the organizer of the fair who told us that he would not do the Chick giveaway again--because people like us made his life miserable :)

Victories like this are rare--we understand that the local humane society had been unable to stop this activity in the past--this was the first time we heard of it...and we ended it!!!

Never underestimate the power of a few dedicated people to accomplish good!

United Poultry Concerns. November 8, 2000

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(A Victory in Hawai'i for Chicks!)