United Poultry Concerns November 9, 2000
Contact Makers of Rubber Dead Plucked Chicken

Issue: Stop production, distribution, and sale of
cruel and obscene chicken toy.

"Classic Schtick" Sucks

Please write to the company, OddzOn. This company produces a rubber dead plucked chicken toy for "Ages 3 and up." It consists of a plucked dead yellow chicken with the legs tied and a Tootsie Roll lollipop rammed down its throat. It appears on counters at drug stores and convenience stores and possibly toy departments and toy stores. It encourages children and others to regard animal suffering and death-the cruel treatment of chickens especially--as amusing. It has a strong pornographic implication along with cruelty to animals. In response to our complaint Rite Aid pharmacy pulled the dead chicken from 22 stores in Virginia. Please protest to the store manager if you see this item for sale. Contact the store's headquarters and request that the rubber dead chicken be removed from its store(s) immediately. Thank you!

    Toy Company
      Mr. Tom Pritchard
      OddzOn, Inc.
      50 Technology Court
      Napa, CA 94558
      Ph: 707-251-3700
      Toll Free Customer Service: 1-800-755-6674

    Lollipop Company

      Mr. Melvin Gordon, CEO & Mrs. Ellen Gordon, President
      Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
      7401 South Cicero Avenue
      Chicago, IL 60629
      Ph: 773-838-3400. Fax: 773-838-3534
      Toll Free Customer Relations: 1-800-877-7655
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(Action Alert - Contact Makers of Rubber Dead Plucked Chicken)