United Poultry Concerns November 29, 2000
Amberson Egg Farm Update!!!!!

The latest news just came through a moment ago...

According to Aaron Shields, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the State vs. Keith Amberson, Mr. Amberson refused to plead out the case against him...up until today. Now we are in "hold" mode until we learn whether or not the State will accept Amberson's plea bid.

We need letters written to the local media, stating the following:

  • The trial of the State vs. Keith Amberson is pending. It is imperative that the public and Judge Thomas Kelly are made aware that the consuming public will not tolerate the conditions in which the Amberson Egg Farm hens allegedly lived, suffered, and died.

  • Please state that Pasado's Safe Haven is now working on introducing a law (that will be presented during the legislative session in January) that would mandate more humane conditions for battery caged birds: no starvation to force egg laying (forced molt), no de-beaking, increased cage space for the hens, and mandatory inspections by state veterinarians. Letters should encourage state legislators and the public to support this bill!

  • Address the fact that how the hens allegedly suffered is more than just an animal cruelty issue, it is also a potentially grave consumer health issue, as well. According to Prosecutor Shields, the eggs from the dying hens were still collected to sell for powdered eggs to be used in cake mixes.

  • Demand to know why inspections never took place (or did at a minimum) to monitor the alleged environmental disaster that was taking place at the farm and the potential for health concerns due to rats living and feeding with the egg-laying hens.

Send letters to:

From Susan Michaels, Co-Founder Pasado's Safe Haven. November 29, 2000

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(Amberson Egg Farm Update!!!!!)