United Poultry Concerns February 9, 2001
UPC Letter in WSJ re:Chicken Sexing

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February 9, 2001

Dear Editor:

Re: "Masters of a Dying Art in Japan Get Together Yearly to Sex Chicks," by Bill Spindle, WST, Feb 7: Some arts are better off dead. They never should have lived. The art of chicken sexing is a cruel art. That it takes some skill doesn't elevate it. So what if it's dying. The U.S. egg industry produces over a quarter of a billion unwanted male chicks every year and throws them away. After having struggled to develop inside the egg and be born-theirs is not a passive embryology-the newborns are ground up alive, suffocated to death in trash cans, and gassed at the hatchery. This is one of the slimy sides of the egg industry, which, when you look into it, is all slime.


Karen Davis, PhD

United Poultry Concerns. February 9, 2001

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(UPC Letter in WSJ re:Chicken Sexing)