United Poultry Concerns April 4, 2001
Tell Lott to Allow Senate to Vote on Cockfighting

As reported on ABC World News Tonight's recently-aired, special investigative report on cockfighting, Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) was responsible for blocking passage of S. 345, the federal anti-cockfighting bill, in the last Congress. Although sponsors of S. 345 say that the bill would pass overwhelmingly if put to a vote, Senator Lott for months refused to allow S. 345 (which will bar the interstate transport of fighting birds) to be voted on in the Senate. Now a new bill has been introduced (also called S. 345) and it's time Senator Lott allows the Senate to vote on it. The Mississippi Sheriffs' Association and Mississippi Veterinary Medical Association have endorsed this legislation.


Word has it that after the ABC News report, cockfighters have been flooding Lott's office with phone calls of support. Senator Lott must hear from the thousands of animal protectionists who want to ban this cruelty. Call Senator Lott's office at (202) 224-6253 and politely urge him to support S. 345 and allow the Senate to vote on it SOON!

From: April 4, 2001

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(Action Alert - Tell Lott to Allow Senate to Vote on Cockfighting)