United Poultry Concerns January 10, 2002
Offensive Carl's Jr Ad Using A Live Chicken
Letters Needed Now!

The Carl's Jr. Corporation is running a TV ad in California in which a group of men in suits are gathered around a table wearing plastic gloves, examining a crying, flapping chicken (crying could be a voice over). They pick her up, turn her over and around, and peer under her wings looking for her "nuggets." They say: "Chickens have wings, breasts, and thighs, but they don't have nuggets. The scene then shifts to a shot of fried chicken strips, and says: "Introducing Carl's Jr.'s chicken strips, because chickens don't have nuggets."

The men in the ad lift up the chicken's tail and flip her on her back and examine her belly and underside, according to a person who said the demeaning treatment appears to mimic rape. In a letter to the advertising agency that produced this ad-with a seal of approval from the American Humane Association according to the agency's CEO-United Poultry Concerns President Karen Davis urged the agency to make Carl's pull the ad immediately noting that it appeals to the same low-grade sense of humor that considers it funny to see pictorial depictions of women's bodies carved up into various "grades" of meat. She told the CEO that even if the bird or birds used in the ad were not physically harmed during the filming, the ad portrays chickens in a degrading and demeaning manner.


Protest to Carl's and to the Mendelsohns/Zien Advertising Agency. Demand that the "nuggets" ad be pulled immediately and that the ad agency never again create an ad that degrades anyone or their body. Contact information:

Larry Brayman
Director of Corporate Affairs for CKE Restaurants, St.Louis, MO office
Ph: 314-259-6223

Carl's Jr.'s toll-free number: 1-800-758-2275.

Andy Puzder, CEO
Robert Wisely, Executive Vice President (1-800-422-4141 x1232)
Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Corporation
CKE Restaurants, Inc.
401 West Carl Karcher Way
PO Box 4349
Anaheim, CA 92803-4349.
Ph: 714-774-5796; or Ella, Administrative Assistant to the VP of Marketing at 805-898-4208.

Mr. Richard Zien, CEO
Mendelsohns/Zien Advertising Agency
11111 Santa Monica Blvd
Suite 2100
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Ph: 310-444-1990
Fax: 310-444-9698
Thank you. United Poultry Concerns. January 10, 2002

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(Action Alert - Offensive Carl's Jr Ad Using A Live Chicken )

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