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January 2001

It All Came Down to One Bird . . .
And a Heart that Cared.
Dear Friend,

When Ginger Sue Thompson brought Katie to our doorstep, she laid her on the grass to die.

Earlier that day, Katie had thudded to the road from a truck taking her to be slaughtered. Her skin was ripped from her chest. She was purple with blood and wounds. Her eyes were sealed shut.

We made her a warm bed and let her rest. And then it happened. Katie raised her little head and opened her eyes. She wanted to live! She ate some rice, drank some water, and started making cuddly peeping sounds. So we got to work!

We doused Katie’s open chest with betadine. Then, when she was stronger, we had our veterinarian pull her skin across her chest and sew it shut. The result? Katie lives!

And Ginger Sue Thompson has a feathered friend for life. Here at United Poultry Concerns.

Thanks to you, our members, we know that thousands of loving people care about Katie, one very special little bird whose life was saved.

But we cannot forget all the Katies who die on the way to the slaughterhouse and inside the slaughterhouse every day in America. All the dear Katies who will never know a mother hen’s warm wing or a gentle human hand.

United Poultry Concerns makes these birds visible.
We are working for the day when the slaughterhouse is as obsolete as slavery and only the bad guys rot behind bars. And every bird is free.

Please support our work.
By supporting United Poultry Concerns you support every bird who comes to our sanctuary. You make possible all of our programs, investigations, and campaigns. United Poultry Concerns puts your money to work! We are leading the way in eliminating classroom chick hatching programs, stopping “chicken rodeos” and “turkey olympics,” getting chickens out of art exhibits, banning the starvation and debeaking of hens used for egg production, urging people to Go Vegan, and much more!

We get great media coverage.
Last November United Poultry Concerns was the subject of the award-winning Washington Post article, “For the Birds.” This November we made headlines as the featured animal advocacy organization in the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s primetime TV expose of the poultry industry, “Chickens are People, Too.”

UPC turns the heartless...

... into the heartening!

Our work depends upon you.
Please pledge your strong financial support to United Poultry Concerns today. Please make the most generous tax-deductible contribution you possibly can. Your financial support makes our work possible.

For Katie and all of us here at United Poultry Concerns, we thank you.


Karen Davis, PhD

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