United Poultry Concerns
December 10, 1999
United Poultry Concerns Congratulates
Pasado's Safe Haven for Receiving the American Red Cross Award.

Please thank Wells Fargo Bank for Sponsoring this Award:
Wells Fargo Bank
Attn: Elaine Zamora
Wells Fargo Foundation
MS P6540-045
999 Third Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Pasado's Safe Haven, located in Sultan, Washington, was awarded the 1999 American Red Cross Award for animal rescue for calling attention to the plight of thousands of chickens abandoned last February without food or water at Amberson Egg Farm in Lake Stevens, Washington.

This Award was sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank and is the first animal rescue award ever given by the Red Cross for the rescue of chickens!

This Award is a Giant Step for Chickens and for all animals who need and deserve our protection from suffering and abuse. We are all indebted to Pasado's Safe Haven for their magnificent work, and to Wells Fargo Bank and the American Red Cross for honoring that work with this splendid Award.

United Poultry Concerns. December 10, 1999

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(Pasado's Safe Haven Receives American Red Cross Award)