United Poultry Concerns
December 21, 1999

NY Times December 21, 1999

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They Say Perdue Is Bad To The Bone


The actor DANNY GLOVER, whose discrimination complaint last month prompted a city crackdown on cabdrivers, is facing criticism from an animal rights group that says he should withdraw as a host of a children's art contest sponsored by Perdue Farms, the poultry processor.

"Please divorce yourself from Perdue," the group, United Poultry Concerns, urged in a letter on Dec. 8. The president, KAREN DAVIS, accused the huge chicken company of a variety of offenses, not least of them contributing to health problems caused by "children growing up on greasy chicken nuggets and other artery-clogging poultry products." A call to Perdue Farms was not returned.

A related exhibition scheduled for a gallery in SoHo was canceled after the group called the gallery. "They caused such a ruckus and such a negative situation for us," said the gallery owner, DAVID BEITZEL, "so I put an end to it." As for Mr. Glover, MICHELLE BEGA, a spokeswoman in Los Angeles, had no comment and said he was out of the country.

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(NY Times - They Say Perdue Is Bad To The Bone - December 21, 1999)