Action Animal Rescue Team 12/23/2000
Nature's Dozen Battery Hen Manure Pit Dec 10, 2000

Have a quick look at a POSITIVE end of the year 2000 for some animals!!!

With you all in spirit and heartfelt
appreciation for all your support.
-- The Action Animal Rescue Team (Australia)

MEET PEARL We were standing in the manure pit filming the dozens of hens trapped there... the poo kept landing on our heads, Patty looked up and saw a still and flattened white bird in the cages above, her still claw hanging down. She said, "there's a dead one, please film it". As Michael filmed, the body started to move... Elio quickly climbed upstairs and we all worked hard to free this dying hen who had both her wings trapped in the wire...she was near death and couldn't reach food or water. She is a pullet (4-5 months of age) and would have recently been put into the cage. At the vet she weighed in at 450 grams!!!! (an adult white laying hen of her breed, age 8 months...weighs 1.9 kilos)

Elio (a master Italian builder) nurses one of the many debilitated ISA red hens he helped rescue from the manure pit. (18 of these 'end of lay' hens (aged 18 months) were rescued from the pit. Average weight of these hens should be 2 - 2.4 kilograms. The average weight of those rescued was 1.3 kilograms! The vet report stated "all hens in generally poor body condition - underweight, poor feathers and some with inflammed skin...and manure balls..."

Romeo (nutrition tertiary student) cradles rescued hen who suffers a cluster of hardened faecel balls that formed on her claws from long-standing 'scratching' in her own waste. Note the dusty foul air the birds are forced to breathe non-stop.

NEXT MORNING...all the girls clustered around the water bowls where they drank and drank and drank and drank, in between long long sunbaths as all their mites went scurrying away!!!! photos: P Mark

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Action Animal Rescue Team 12/23/2000