C E L E B R A T E   W I T H O U T   E G G S !

UPC Leafletting at the
White House Easter Egg Roll
When:Monday April 1, 2002
Where: Meet in front of the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW DC
Time: Noon - 3 PM.
Contact: Franklin@upc-online.org
Why: To urge people NOT to buy or eat hens' eggs and to celebrate every day without eggs.

At the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, 2-to-6-year old children push hard-boiled eggs down a 10-yard lane with plastic soup ladles on the White House lawn. About 20,000 people attend this event, which uses 7,000+ hard boiled eggs from battery-caged hens. As a souvenir, each child receives a colored wooden egg "signed" by the president.

Please join us on "Easter Monday" and Say Hello to Health and Bye to Shells from Hell.

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(UPC Leafletting at the White House Easter Egg Roll - April 1, 2002)