United Poultry Concerns February 5, 2008

Animals and Earth Advocacy: Links of Life: February 22-24 Montana State University Billings – a Conference on Bringing together voices in defense of animals and the earth – Register Now!

UPC President Karen Davis, PhD will address The Place of Farmed Animals in the Environmental Debate on Saturday Feb 23 from 12:45-1:45 p.m.

This conference looks at how environmental problems are linked to animal exploitation. What specific problems face nonhuman animals and the earth? What shared issues unite environmental and nonhuman animal advocacy, and how might animal and earth advocates address our shared global concerns?

This conference is organized by Dr. Lisa Kemmerer on behalf of the MSU Billings Philosophy Faculty, The Institute for Critical Animal Studies, and Green Theory and Praxis. To register and learn more, click on http://www.criticalanimalstudies.org/international2/registrationform.htm

Conference schedule including speakers & talk summaries is posted at: http://www.criticalanimalstudies.org/international2/schedule.htm

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