United Poultry Concerns February 7, 2006

UPC President Karen Davis Will Speak at The Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, University of Oregon School of Law

Thursday March 2 - Sunday March 5, 2006

Conference Information: http://www.pielc.org/ 

UPC President Karen Davis, PhD will sit on the panel “Stop Factory Farming Now!” on Friday, March 3 from 4-5:15 PM. The “Stop Factory Farming Now!” panel is a collection of animal rights activists and advocates educating and inspiring an audience about why and how we can all take action to end animal cruelty. Panelists will address such questions as:

  • Why did you choose your particular lifestyle and work?
  • What are the current important issues in factory farming and animal liberation?
  • How do you feel you are increasing compassion for animals?
  • Where do you see the animal liberation movement going in the near or distant future?
  • What are your suggestions for someone who wants to get active, whether that person is a student, teacher, lawyer, etc.?
  • How did you make an entire career out of promoting compassion for animals and what are your suggestions for someone who wants to do the same?

The Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) is the premier annual gathering for environmentalists worldwide, and is distinguished as the oldest and largest of its kind.

Conference information: http://www.pielc.org

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