United Poultry Concerns 11 February, 2003


Presented By:
March 7-9, 2003

Join us in this beautiful Campus setting. Raise your awareness and take it back to your community.
*Hear experts in Animal Ethics, Vegan Nutrition and Environmental Issues
*Enjoy Great Vegan Meals * Visit the Exhibit Hall
*Network with Like-Minded Individuals & Form Friendships that will last a Lifetime!

Speakers (so far)

Don Barnes, (API) Animal Protection Institute
Steve Best, PhD, (VSEP) Vegetarian Society of El Paso
Andrew Butler, (PETA) People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Karen Davis, PhD, (UPI) United Poultry Concerns
George Eisman, RD, Vegan Nutritionist, Author, ”The Most Noble Diet”
Dr. Michael Greger, MD, Vegan Nutritionist, Author, “ Heart Failure: Diary of a Third Year Medical Student
Steve Hindi, (SHARK) Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
Kevin Jonas, (SHAC-USA) Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
Ric O’Barry, (WSPA) World Society for the Protection of Animals
Wayne Pacelle, (HSUS) Humane Society of the United States
Lt. Sherry Schlueter, (Animal Cruelty Division) Broward County Sheriffs Department
Paul Shapiro, (COK) Compassion Over Killing

Plus numerous representatives from Florida organizations

Questions? Contact Event Coordinator: Chas Chiodo @ 386-454-4341
chasmo@netcommander.com www.vegetarianevents.com
By registering early your donation helps VegEvents offset pre- symposium expenses.
Proceeds from the symposium will go toward our Mobile Video Theater expenses.

Symposium Information

From the Friday reception to our Sunday departure the Action Symposium will engage your mind & restore your spirits. Be part of this event in order to learn from the past and begin to create a more peaceful world.

Symposium Schedule:

Friday, March 7: 5-10 pm registration, 7-10 pm reception. Register early so you can meet other attendees and enjoy music & refreshments.
Saturday, March 8: A variety of animal rights issues will be presented via lectures and panels (schedule tba).
Sunday, March 9: Vegan nutrition, lifestyle and factory farm issues will be presented (schedule tba).
Talk one on one with experts of the animal rights and vegan movements. Learn how to effectively organize outreach/community education programs and conduct classroom/community presentations. Increase your knowledge in animal ethics, human health and environmental issues.


There are many places to stay across the street from the University. Prices range from $64.95 - $79. One located 2 miles from campus is offering a rate of $42. PLEASE make your reservations ASAP because March is the busy season in Tampa and the availability of rooms will be at a minimum. The hotels will give these group rates until February 7th. For reservations check the web site: www.vegetarianevents.com or call or Email Chas at 386-454-4341, chasmo@netcommander.com .


Symposium Meals will be Vegan. Catered by Trang Viet Cuisine (**** rating from Florida Voices for Animals). Individual meals can be purchased by Feb. 28th (see at bottom ). Breakfast snacks will be available. There are many vegan-friendly restaurants within 1/2 mile of the university. Carpools can be arranged.

How Do I Pay?

Only Checks & Money orders will be accepted.
Make payable to Vegetarian Events and mail to: PO Box 1057, Alachua, FL 32616

Number in Party:______ Name:________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
Phone # Day:____________________________________Eve:______________________________________

List additional names w/ phone numbers & addresses on separate sheet of paper.
Meals provided ONLY w/reservations postmarked by Feb 28!
Register early for best rates; space is limited.

Please reserve:

____ @$60 Full Symposium w/3 meals postmarked by Jan. 6 $35 Full Symp. No Meals by Jan. 6 _____
____ @$75 Full Symposium w/3 meals postmarked by Jan. 27 $45 Full Symp. No Meals by Jan. 27 _____
____ @$85 Full Symposium w/3 meals postmarked by Feb. 28 $55 Full Symp. No Meals by Feb. 28 _____
____ @$65 Full Symposium w/ NO meals after Feb. 28
____ @$30 Saturday Only (Meals Extra) ____Lunch ____Dinner (rates at bottom)
____ @$30 Sunday Only (Meals Extra) ____Lunch (rates at bottom)
____ @$40 Student w/ I.D. Full Symp. w/3 meals postmarked by Jan. 6
____ @$50 Student w/ I.D. Full Symp. w/3 meals postmarked by Jan. 27 $15 Std. w/I.D. Full Symp No Meals by Jan. 27____
____ @$60 Student w/ I.D. Full symp. w/3 meals postmarked by Feb.28 $20 Std. w/I.D. Full Symp. No Meals by Feb.28 ____
____ @$25 Student w/ I.D. Full Symposium w/ NO meals after Feb. 28
____ @$15 Student w/ I.D. Saturday Only (Meals Extra) ____Lunch ____Dinner (rates at bottom)
____ @$15 Student w/ I.D. Sunday Only (Meals Extra) ____Lunch (rates at bottom)

Individual Meals per day: Sat. and Sun. Lunches $8. each. Saturday Dinner $12. Registration Total______

Please Note: A limited number of discounts for volunteers are available. Call Vegetarian Events at: 386-454-4341

United Poultry Concerns, Inc.
PO Box 150
Machipongo, VA 23405-0150
FAX: 757-678-5070

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