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1 August 2012
UPC President Karen Davis, PhD Speaks for the Birds This Weekend; UPC Staff Hosts Exhibit Table

Thursday-Sunday, August 2-5: Animal Rights National Conference Washington, DC. UPC will host an exhibit table and UPC President Karen Davis will address issues relating to effective farmed animal activism & vegan advocacy.

Friday-Sunday, August 3-5: Justice for Animals Seminar: Exploring a new paradigm for animal rights activism. In "Stepping Forward or Falling Down?" UPC President Karen Davis will discuss how the Egg Products Inspection Act emblemizes a widening moral and philosophical gulf between those seeking justice for animals and some of the largest corporate advocacy organizations. Please scroll to the bottom of this alert for more information.

Friday night plenary Paths to Animal Liberation:
Compassionate Action Needs Critical Thinking
An unexamined mantra of the animal movement is that “diversity” of tactics, strategies, principles, goals, and behaviors, no matter how contradictory, strengthens the movement. Similarly the idea that everything no matter how questionable is a “step in the right direction.” Karen Davis will discuss these issues of advocacy for animals.

Agricultural Campaign Friday afternoon:
Passionate Persuasion: Karen Davis will present characteristics of effective public persuasion based on 30 years of dedicated activism for chickens, turkeys and other farmed animals. United Poultry Concerns’ recent success stopping chickens from being slaughtered in an “art” project on “where your food comes from” in Lawrence, Kansas will be highlighted.

Video session Saturday morning 11-11:25:
Chicken Sanctuary versus “Humane” Chicken Farm: Through sanctuary slides, video clips and Q & A we will look at the conditions and attitudes that distinguish a chicken sanctuary from a “humane” chicken farm.

Tribe of Heart Seminar on Justice for Animals includes an hour-long presentation by UPC President Karen Davis.
Saturday, August 4
9:15 - 10:20 AM
Stepping Forward, or Falling Down?
Karen Davis

Arguments for and against the Egg Products Inspection Act, called by some “The Rotten Egg Bill,” are emblematic of a widening moral and philosophical gulf between those seeking justice for animals and some of the largest corporate advocacy organizations. How did a movement to ban all cages for laying hens become a campaign to ban only barren cages? And why does this transformation eerily reflect George Orwell’s book Animal Farm, where the leaders of revolutionary progress for animals reverse themselves quietly through backroom deals with former adversaries in a downward spiral that confuses and dispirits the animal citizens of Manor Farm?

Please visit our exhibit table for a full array of literature & ideas for liberating the largest number of abused land animals in the world.

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