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24 October 2012
Flight From Farm to Freedom: “Make It Possible”
One-minute Must See TV from Animals Australia!

Dear Friends,

Please watch – and hear – this beautiful message on behalf of farmed animals. But please remember that “a place for us” is not just outside of a “factory farm” but OFF THE FARM & OFF OUR PLATES. Make It Possible: Choose Life. Choose Vegan.



Click here to be one of the very first people to see the 'Make it Possible' TV ad - a world-first for animals:

On Tuesday, October 23, this little pig flew across TV screens
But you can see her take flight right now.

18 months ago Animals Australia began building a campaign that we knew had the potential to create real and lasting change for the most used and abused of all animals - those in factory farms. We knew we had to create something extraordinary. We were taking on the number one cause of animal cruelty in Australia today - lifting the lid on a powerful industry that has thrived only because nobody knew what they were up to. . . . Today we unite as a compassionate nation to say kindness, not cruelty, will define our legacy.

www.animalsaustra/6EE4B125.jpg Let's make it possible.
Lyn White
Campaign Director

37 O'Connell St,
North Melbourne
Victoria 3051, Australia

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