UPC Candlelight Vigil for Turkeys
Date: Friday November 22, 2002
Time: 7:30 - 9:00 P.M.
Where: Foggy Bottom-GWU Metro Stop Corner of 23rd and Eye Street, NW, Washington, DC
Why: Over forty million birds will be slaughtered inhumanely and lived short horrific lives, and are not even thought of each Thanksgiving, when the family carelessly gorges themselves on their carcasses. Most of us used to be just like the majority of Americans and we changed, so getting the word out is the only hope to prevent future birds from being born into this system.
What: Candles will be distributed, signs showing both the cruelty of the poultry industry and the personalities of birds allowed to display them will be held. Literature will be distributed and ample opportunities will avail themselves for each of us to talk to others about the horrible system that most people complicitly support.
Conclution: There are numerous "gathering in" events each Thanksgiving where we feel warm and comfortable with others of like mind. This is one of the few "gathering out" events, where we make that uncomfortable, but necessary leap to attempt to actually convince the skeptical majority. Please hop the metro and show up for the turkeys. If nothing else for your own mourning for all birds and "food animals" that suffered and were slaughtered by mass terrorists in the factory farming industry in 2002.
For More Information: Jamey West 301-990-0593

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(UPC Candlelight Vigil for Turkeys - 22 Nov 2002, 7:30-9:00pm)
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