United Poultry Concerns February 20, 2004

Upcoming Events 2004

TAOS Conference, Stone Mountain Georgia, March 25-28
Presented By The Association of Sanctuaries (TAOS)

Friday March 26 - UPC President Dr. Karen Davis will give a special presentation on "Wild, Feral, and Domestic Chickens and Turkeys: What Do They Have In Common and What Do We Know About Them?" Summary : Many people are surprised to learn that chickens derive from the jungles of Southeast Asia, that turkeys did not run away from the early Europeans, and that domesticated chickens and turkeys can become feral to live successfully in forests and elsewhere. Dr. Davis will discuss the biological, cultural, and industrial implications of this knowledge.

For information about the conference call TAOS at 972-485-5647 or email TAOS@aol.com

University of Central Florida Student Group - Body of Animal Rights Campaigners (BARC) is hosting speakers March 29-April 2.

Wednesday March 31 - Dr. Davis presents: "It Isn't Just One Mad Cow." Summary: Despite salmonella, E. coli, avian influenza, SARS, campylobacter, Mad Cow and other proof of farmed-animal-to-human disease transmission, the government claims that eating animal products is safe. Dr. Davis will discuss the link between farmed animal suffering and human illnesses.

For more information call Daniel Holbert at 352-208-8871 or email dan@barcdontbite.org

Farm Animal Wellness Seminar. School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Saturday, April 3. Theme: How Knowing More About Animal Behavior Can Lead To Better Husbandry and Care.

UPC President Dr. Karen Davis will present a paper entitled "Knowing More About Natural Poultry Behavior Can Lead To Better Care." Summary : The belief that factory-farmed birds have lost their natural behaviors and are content to live in crowded, unstimulating environments is contradicted by contemporary avian science and by the variety of natural behaviors displayed by these birds at farmed animal sanctuaries. http://www.upc-online.org/Welfare/behavior.htm

For more information contact Lorin Shearburn at Ldshearburn@wisc.edu

University of Wisconsin-Madison Coalition for Animal Rights is hosting two classroom lectures by Dr. Karen Davis April 21-April 22.

Wednesday April 21 - "The Biology and Philosophy of Human-Animal Relationships."
Summary : Comparative studies of cognition in human and nonhuman animals offer a perspective on suffering in other species, Dr. Davis will discuss human obligations to other animals with an emphasis on animals exploited for food.

Thursday April 22 - "Human/Animal Symbiosis and Current Issues in the Use of Animals in Food Production and Science."
Summary : Focusing primarily on the poultry and egg industries, Dr. Davis will discuss the use of animals in food production and science, laws governing these uses, animal rights, and "humane treatment" of exploited animals.

For more information email Andres Abreu at aabreu@wisc.edu

Animal Liberation Student Association Conference and National Book Release, Syracuse University, April 23-April 25.

Friday April 23-National book release celebration of Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals . Edited by Dr. Steven Best and Anthony J. Nocella, this challenging anthology includes an essay by Dr. Karen Davis entitled "Putting a Face on the Rescued and the Rescuers."

Saturday & Sunday, April 24-25, Animal Liberation Student Association Conference. Dr. Davis's keynote speech: "The Holocaust on Your Plate: A Case for Comparing Atrocities."
Summary : Resentment can spring from the sense that the uniqueness of one's own group's oppression is being used to illuminate another group's oppression. However, an atrocity, such as the Holocaust, may serve as a strategic metaphor to illuminate and promote activism on behalf of other victims including the oppression of nonhuman animals by human beings.

For more information on this multi-disciplinary conference and book release celebration, email sbest1@elp.rr.com , or nocellat@yahoo.com ; or click on:

Animal Rights 2004 National Conference, Washington DC, July 8-12

Theme: " Challenging the daily terror against animals"
Purpose: to learn skills, share experiences, network, plan joint projects, and "recharge." 1000 activists are expected.

Dr. Davis will discuss farmed-animal issues and campaigns, vegan/animal rights activism, intelligence and feelings in birds, and animal cognition and sentience as a tool for activists.

For information and registration contact:
www.AR2004.org or call 888-FARM USA

United Poultry Concerns 5th Annual Forum, Norfolk, VA, August 21-22

Theme: "Mad Cows to Mad Chickens: What Insiders Can Tell You About Agribusiness, Animal Liberation, and Your Diet"

Purpose: To meet eyewitnesses and hear eyewitness testimony from "behind the scenes" of the meat, poultry, egg, dairy, medical, and "alternative" animal production industries to enhance understanding and hone activist skills.

For information call 757-678-7875, or email Karen@upc-online.org , or click on: http://www.upc-online.org/alerts/22004forum04.htm


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