United Poultry Concerns September 24, 2008

World Farm Animals Day Vigil

What: Candlelight Vigil

Where: Perdue Slaughter Plant, Salisbury, MD

When: Saturday October 4th, 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Contact: adam@wfad.org 301-530-1737

World Farm Animals Day is a time to mourn, memorialize, and expose the atrocities inflicted upon the 55 billion innocent individuals who are brutally-raised and slaughtered for food each year. In honor of this annual observance, Farm Animal Rights Movement is coordinating a powerful event in conjunction with Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary, United Poultry Concerns, The Humane League of Baltimore, and Defending Animal Rights Today & Tomorrow.

In solidarity with WFAD events in all 50 states and two dozen other countries, we will conduct a candlelight vigil and protest in front of Perdue’s first slaughterhouse and processing plant -- located on the Delmarva Peninsula, where 13 million birds are slaughtered every week.

Perdue is one of the largest poultry companies in the U.S. and markets their dismembered birds in more than 50 countries. They profit off the abuse, confinement, mutilation and horrific slaughter of chickens with annual sales in excess of $3.5 billion.

The opening of the Salisbury processing plant in 1968 marked the first production of branded poultry products. It set the standard for some of today’s most gruesome standard operating procedures, including automated evisceration (removal of internal organs) and "cut-up" machines.

FARM's WFAD Slaughterhouse Vigil highlights the suffering of chickens because they represent the vast majority of land animals killed for food (approximately 98%).

Join us! If you can participate or have questions, e-mail adam@wfad.org or call 301-530-1737. Carpools and ride-shares are available.

About Chickens:

The typical lifespan of a chicken is 7 years, but chickens raised for meat are slaughtered before they are even 7 weeks old. In natural settings, chickens enjoy being together in small flocks, frequently taking sunbaths and regular dust baths to keep their feathers in good condition. They have an evolutionary instinct to range and search for food. They have excellent full-color vision and highly developed hearing that enables them to recognize the location and identity of other members of the flock over vast areas of dense foliage.

Find out more about chickens and other farmed animals at HumaneFacts.com

Visit www.WFAD.org for details about World Farm Animals Day and other events.


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