United Poultry Concerns
3 September 2009
City Chicken Care Class, Minneapolis MN, Sunday September 27
Chicken Run Rescue Invites You to Learn About Good Chicken Care

On Sunday, September 27, Chicken Run Rescue will hold a city chicken care class at North Regional Public Library in Minneapolis from Noon to 3:30pm. The class is designed to provide a basic understanding to the public about living with chickens, the commitment required to care for them, and the rewarding bond that can develop between humans and chicken companions.

This class is for people who already have chickens or who are considering keeping chickens, as well as for animal control professionals, shelter staff, and veterinary technicians (CE credits available). Pre-registration is required. For a $20 donation, tours of Chicken Run Rescue will be provided from 3:45 - 5pm.

To learn more about the Class and review the Agenda, please go to www.brittonclouse.com/chickenrunrescue.

AGENDA INCLUDES THE SPEAKERS & WHY THIS CLASS IS SO IMPORTANT: www.brittonclouse.com/chickenrunrescue/class%20agenda82409.pdf

Thank You! We hope to see you there!

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