United Poultry Concerns April, 12 2005

Stop Brutal Education: Help us stop the slaughter of animals at schools

From Animal Place: info@animalplace.org www.animalplace.org

WHAT: AB1685, by Assemblyman Johan Klehs, would outlaw the slaughtering of animals (pigs, rabbits, goats, chickens and others) on high school campuses. It would also permit students, with teacher permission, to opt-out of parts of their agricultural class that harm animals.

• Approximately 20% of high schools surveyed slaughter on campus.
• Witnessing the slaughter of animals can be traumatic for some students.
• The Manteca School Board outlawed the practice in 2003.
• We should cultivate intelligent discourse and respect, instead of using violent methods to “educate.”
• Educational institutions should not expose students to unnecessary displays of violence.
• It is an inappropriate use of limited education funds.
• Animal agricultural vocational education programs should focus on teaching marketable skills – the niche for slaughtering animals in the workforce is very limited.
• Two decades ago, California enacted a law permitting students to opt-out of dissections on moral grounds. No law currently exists to allow students in agricultural classes to opt-out of practices that cause harm to animals.

ACTION NEEDED: Please write the members of the Assembly Committee on Education (addresses below) and urge them to support AB1685. The bill will be heard in the Assembly Committee on Education on May 4th. We also need people to attend the hearing, and we will send more information about attending as May 4th gets closer.

Please e-mail or write (all letters can be sent to the address below) today!

State Capitol
PO Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249

Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg

Assemblymember Juan Arambula

Assemblymember Loni Hancock

Assemblymember Carol Liu

Assemblymember Fran Pavley

Assemblymember Tom Umberg

Assemblymember Mark Wyland

Assemblymember Joe Coto

Assemblymember Bob Huff

Assemblymember Gene Mullin

Assemblymember Keith Richman


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