United Poultry Concerns September 15, 2008

Canandaigua Academy students can’t kill chickens without state waiver”

This article, by James Goodman, in the Rochester NY Democrat and Chronicle, ran on Sunday, September 14, 2008. It can be read at: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20080914/NEWS01/809140363. Opportunities to comment and write a letter to the editor are included on the site.

To show how distanced from the birds and the ethical issues some students are, one pro-slaughter student commented impatiently in the Canandaigua Daily Messenger Letters section last Friday, Sept 12, that “only 10 minutes of a 50+ Hour class is devoted to the actual killing of the birds.”

(Hmmm. Just 10 quick minutes for high school students to slaughter 21 chickens, then on to the next 40 minutes of classroom instruction. This “ecology” course really does need attention. )

Daily Messenger article, letters, and comments can be read at: www.mpnnow.com/news/x1780972005/Canandaigua-Academy-s-Chicken-Project-on-hold and www.mpnnow.com/opinions/letters_to_the_editor.

For more information: www.upc-online.org/classroom/canandaigua.html.


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