illustration by Millie Holderread

Death Trap for Ducklings Update

"The latest on the duckling situation is that
nothing has been done....
But progress has been made."

Karen Benzel, Waterfowl Preservation Committee

The last issue of PoultryPress described a 3-foot deep lagoon at Marina Village, a housing community in Alameda, CA, in which baby ducks, unable to fly, drown. The edge of the lagoon is a straight 1-foot drop down to the water. The installation of simple ramps would solve the problem.

Concerned homeowners have presented a formal proposal to the Marina Village Homeowners Association (HOA) to add rock ramps and wood ramps to the five acres of lagoons. They are prepared to pay for, construct, and install the ramps. Polite letters emphasizing that the community can co-exit with wildlife would help. Your letters have already helped! Please write to the new president of the HOA, Mr. Gene Metz, Marina Village HOA, P.O. Box 1216, Alameda, CA 94501. Thank you.

Action Alert Update from Karen Benzel (510/814-7227)

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