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Three New Videos - Now Available from UPC!

Inside a Live Poultry Market
By United Poultry Concerns

This new educational video takes you inside a live animal market in New York City where you see birds and rabbits, adults and children. Live markets are where many “free-range” chickens, ducks and other birds end up. At the market, you occasionally hear the videographer talking in an upbeat way, in order to obtain the footage without revealing her purpose. At the end you see some birds she managed to rescue from the market. An alternative to “factory farming”? Watch and decide.
11 min. including Introduction. VHS and DVD. $10 (includes shipping)



Behavior of Rescued Factory-Farmed Chickens in a Sanctuary Setting
By United Poultry Concerns

Some people believe that birds bred for factory farming have lost their natural instincts and are content to live in crowded, filthy, unstimulating cages and buildings. This video shows chickens, turkeys, and ducks at UPC’s sanctuary racing out of their house to start enjoying their day – they pounce on lettuce, dustbathe, scratch for food, preen, socialize, and roost on perches at night.
12 min. including Introduction. VHS and DVD. $10 (includes shipping)

45 Days: The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken
By Compassion Over Killing

This documentary was produced with undercover footage from several chicken farms and slaughter plants in the United States – including two of the country’s largest poultry producers, Tyson and Perdue. The conditions shown are the industry standard for the more than 8 billion baby ‘broiler” chickens slaughtered each year for meat in the U.S. Nearly 1 million of these birds are slaughtered every hour. 12 min. VHS. $10 (includes shipping).

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