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Thanks to United Poultry Concerns, chickens and turkeys are now front-and-center on the animal rights agenda.” Norm Phelps, The Longest Struggle

Photo by: CBS Outdoor

As the summer days pass into fall, UPC is pleased to report a very exciting and productive summer. Participation at major conferences and universities in the U.S. and Canada was one big part. But especially exciting has been our advertising campaign through the Washington DC Metro Area transit system, where thousands of commuters, pedestrians and out-of-town visitors saw our eye-catching Metrotrain Cards and King-Size Bus Posters from April through July. Here are just a few of the many enthusiastic comments we received from people who saw our ads.

“I just want to say congratulations. I was driving in Arlington, Virginia and saw your ad on the side of a bus – instead of the usual advertising. Congratulations and Thank You!” – Norma Lester

“Hi Karen! I was sitting here at my desk yesterday when my dad called to say he had just been in the Metro in DC when he looked up and saw a big poster with my face on it! Of course I’d told my parents about the plans to use the picture of me and Chesterbuddy in that ad. My parents live in California, but my dad just happened to be in DC for business.” – David Perle


“Thanks for your ads in the Washington, DC Metrotrains. I saw one of the 'Life Can Be Beautiful' ads and it brightened my day.” – Sergio Moncada

“We’re all seeing your bus ads around DC and they look great! Thanks for doing this!” – Kim Herman

“Thanks for your ads on local Metro buses in Maryland! As soon as I saw a photo of a chicken on a bus, I thought ‘uh oh, are they trying to sell them to me fried?’ So I was thrilled when I pulled up to the side and read your ad. This led me to your website and an opportunity to order your Instead of Chicken, Instead of Turkey cookbook. Thanks for all your excellent work!” – Donna Hutton

“I noticed your bus ads on Washington DC Metro buses, and am very happy to see your animal rights messages in my daily commute since I know they are seen by many.” – Jake Snyder

“I love what you’re doing to help the birds. Your article on “The Rhetoric of Apology in Animal Rights” in the summer Poultry Press was wonderful. Words to live by. And I love all the posters and signs on buses. Thank you again for caring so much for all the birds.” – Tierney Grinavic

“Just wanted you to know I saw your ads on two buses here in Annandale, VA. They looked great. I saw them both about the same time, going in different directions, both around rush hour. . . . Saw another bus ad yesterday around 5 PM on a bus at Bailey’s Crossroads – a major traffic area.”
Nina Natelson

“Very, very positive message – and well done. Thank you for presenting United Poultry Concerns in a classy manner.” – David Wolotsky, CBS Outdoor

“The bus posters are fabulous!” – Clare Druce


In 2007, United Poultry Concerns received a major bequest from the estate of Dietrich von Haugwitz, who passed away on June 26, 2006, following a dedicated life of activism for animals in North Carolina. Dietrich’s gracious bequest not only enabled us to pay off our property last year; it provided the funds for our Washington DC Metrotrain and King-Size Bus ads this past summer. Total cost for 220 Metrotrain ads was $26,646. Total cost for 100 King-Sized Bus ads was $23,932. These costs included printing, installation and maintenance of the 320 total posters.

So inspired are we by the enthusiastic response to our DC Metro ad campaign that we’ve signed a new contract with CBS Outdoor – this time for 100 King-Size Bus Posters to run from mid-October through mid-November with our message of compassion for turkeys that we hope will increase the number of cruelty-free holiday dinners this year. To see our Holiday Bus Poster, please turn to page 10.

Please support our effort. To do the kind of work that needs to be done for the birds requires a secure foundation of financial support. Please give generously this holiday season and in the year ahead. We need your help and we thank you for making our work possible.


Yes! I want to contribute to UPC’s Creative Advertising Campaign for Chickens and Turkeys. Please accept my tax-deductible contribution in the amount of:

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All contributions are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated! Federal ID: 52-1705678

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