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Stick Up For Chickens - Go Vegan! Brochure

Your new brochure does everything it needs to do, the vegan message, the masculine images, the recipes – keep up the fantastic work.” – Attorney Sean Day

Your EXCELLENT new vegan brochure – It’s the best one out there!” – Barbara Lomow

Our new brochure Stick Up for Chickens - Go Vegan! has everything! Great recipes, health info, environmental facts, animal farming (ugh) & why sports heroes and other smart folks are going vegan – in their own words. Plus resources. 24 full-color 5.5 x 8.5 pages with photos. To view the brochure & order by credit card, click here. Or send check or money order to our regular mailing address.

$1.00 each. 20 for $5.00. 50 for $10.00. 100 for $15.00. 200 for $25.00

*Please note that these prices do not cover the cost of printing the brochures, but we want to make them available at a low cost to encourage people to hand them out. As always, additional donations are encouraged and appreciated to allow us to print more brochures to reach more people. Thank you for your support.


Photo of Russell Simmons accompanied by this statement from our new brochure:

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons told CNN why he follows a vegan diet: “To cause less harm to the environment and to animals. And I feel better.”


New Mailing Stickers & Buttons for Turkeys


Order our beautiful new mailing stickers and buttons “Turkeys are Friends, Not Food.” STICKERS: 2”x 2.5”. 100 stickers for $10. BUTTONS: $2 each. 3 for $5. 10 for $10. Prices include shipping. Click Here to order



At the heart of this story is the chicken, to whom this book is dedicated, and on whose side, and at whose side, I remain steadfast.” – Karen Davis, President & Founder of United Poultry Concerns, author of Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs

The 1996 edition of Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs, by UPC President Karen Davis, exposed modern poultry practices, revealing the tragedy chickens endure through the lens of a brutal and remorseless industry. The book acted as a catalyst within the animal advocacy movement. The New Revised Edition of Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs looks at a world in which avian influenza, food poisoning, global warming, genetic engineering, and the expansion of poultry production and consumption are careening to an unsustainable point. Read the compelling argument for adopting a compassionate, plant-based cuisine as an alternative to the warfare waged on defenseless chickens. Forthcoming in early 2009 by The Book Publishing Company.


“I just finished rereading Prisoned Chickens, Poisoned Eggs. It is dynamic. For the second time, it moved me to tears and horror. Your knowledge, and your eloquence, are stunning. Congratulations once again. I’m looking forward to your updated edition.”
– Dorothy H. Hayes, author of Animal Instinct, a thriller novel about a reporter who discovers her true calling is crusading for animals (203)274-6642. Hayes@AnimalInstinctNovel.com. AnimalInstinctNovel.com


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