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What Wings Are For

UPC president Karen Davis published the following letter in TIME MAGAZINE, August 28, 2000, in response to Joel Stein, "My Chicken Run" (Aug. 7). He wrote about PETA, "They may not be able to distinguish animals from people, but they sure know how to have fun. Still, I wouldn't choose them over a heaping plate of Buffalo wings."

Getting To Know Chickens
Stein is to be commended for wearing a chicken costume as a first step to getting to know chickens better. Now I invite him to visit our chicken sanctuary on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in order to deepen his vicarious identification with the birds whose dead wings he still finds appetizing. I invite him to lay his hands on those very wings while they are still alive, feathered and flapping. And I will tell him precisely how Buffalo wings are made. I bet the next time he's confronted with a heap of dead wings dressed in sauce, he will take flight.

United Poultry Concerns Inc.
Machipongo, Va.

Juliet nestles under her foster mother Daffodil's wing

photos by Karen Davis
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