Fall 2001 Poultry Press
All West Side “Poultry” Out Of There!
In early May, UPC activists emptied the West Side Poultry market in Cleveland, OH, which was closed by the Department of Health. More than 100 rescued chickens and ducks were given homes around the country
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Flap Happy
photo by Larry Hamel-Lambert, The Plain Dealer
Mary Kate Grover with a happily flapping friend

photo by Beverly Whalen
Grover's daughter Bryony gets the message across

photo by Mary Kate Grover
Outside the market

photo by Mike Radzvilowicz
Inside the market

photo by Franklin Wade
Mike Radzvilowicz and friend

photo by Mike Radzvilowicz
All aboard a "freedom van"

photo by Franklin Wade
A "freedom van" takes off with its lucky passengers

photo by By Karen Davis
Roosters Charger and rufus Flowers survey their new domain at UPC

photo by Mike Radzvilowicz
Pam Radzvilowicz introduces some hens to a new life in Connecticut

photo by Karen Davis
Making new friends at UPC
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