United Poultry Concerns May 3, 2006

   Give a Gift of Hope for the Birds

United Poultry Concerns Wishes you peace and joy in the New Year 

Our sanctuary is an essential part of what we do. Not only do we give a permanent, loving home to every chicken, turkey and duck who comes here, but the birds themselves enable us to advocate authoritatively on their behalf. Let poultry producers claim they provide "good animal welfare." - Not so, and we have the evidence showing the lie as well as how eagerly these birds strive to revive their natural selves, as best they can. As I told the Washingtonian last year, "Anyone who argues they are adapted to captivity should come here and watch how joyfully they rush outside each morning."

(You can view this morning exuberance for yourself by ordering our $10 video "Behavior of Rescued Factory Farmed Chickens in a Sanctuary Setting.")

Chesterbuddy, the handsome rooster who is pictured in our holiday greeting card this year, never had a chance to rush anywhere, sadly, since he arrived at our sanctuary already a crippled little chick, so typical of chickens and turkeys ruined by the meat industry. But Chesterbuddy grew up to be a beloved rooster, very attentive to his hens and endearing to everyone who met him.

Each morning, we would lift him carefully out of his house and set him down like a prince in his favorite place under the tree in his special yard. When after little more than a year, he began to deteriorate so that he could no longer lift up his head without effort, we called our veterinarian to come to the sanctuary and put him to sleep. As he was dying, he began to chirp softly as though for the first time in his life he felt right and no longer burdened.

Chesterbuddy reminds us urgently and unconditionally of what our work is all about. We speak for Chesterbuddy - and for all of his friends! Please join us this holiday season in remembering and honoring Chesterbuddy with a much needed and greatly appreciated contribution.

Thank you for supporting United Poultry Concerns. We look forward to your continuing support in 2008.  


For Chesterbuddy and all beloved birds,
Thank you.

Karen Davis
President & Founder
United Poultry Concerns


Photo of Karen Davis with Chesterbuddy, by David Hart, Washingtonian, September 2006
Photo of David Perle with Chesterbuddy, by Angela Conant, June 2007


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