9 January 2019

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January 9, 2019

Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal
District 67
230 West 72nd Street
Suite 2F
New York, NY 10023

Re: Assembly Bill A00058

On behalf of United Poultry Concerns I want to thank you very much for proposing NYS Assembly Bill A00058 which would prohibit school districts, school principals, administrators, or teachers from requiring, permitting, or conducting a lesson or experimental study using an animal in a hatching project. We totally support this bill.

We have posted an alert to our New York State members and others, urging them to contact their Assembly Members in support of this important legislation. Here is the link to our alert:
New York Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Chick‑Hatching Projects.

Please feel free to contact our office at any time for additional information or assistance.

We will be very happy to hear from you and to help however we can.



Karen Davis, PhD


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