In Memoriam

United Poultry Concerns sorrowfully announces the death, on October 12th, of Glenn Grodin, a 34 year-old animal rights activist. Glenn was the co-founder of Animal Passion, a Pittsburgh based animal rights organization. Glenn and I were assigned to the same field to rescue wounded pigeons at Hegins this year on Labor Day. I will never forget how quickly Glenn raced through that horrible Hegins crowd to whisk up a wounded pigeon they were going to trample to death. He enfolded her under his shirt and rushed her through the crowded park to the medical van, talking to her softly as he walked. By the time we reached the van, the beautiful white and black pigeon was dead. Now Glenn is dead.

In his letter to the editor of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Sept. 28), Glenn wrote of his experience at the Hegins Pigeon Shoot, "When we allow the celebration of cruelty to animals, each of us is diminished."

Glenn's death is terrible not only because of the loss of a dear friend, but because a tremendous activist is gone, a tragedy in every way.

-- Karen Davis

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