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“Kapparot is not consistent with Jewish teachings and law. Repentance and charity can be better accomplished by using money instead of a slaughtered chicken.” - Former Israeli Chief Rabbi Shlomo Goren
Photo by: David Rosenfeld        
kapparot_brooklyn_oct2008 (105K)
Kapparot practitioners prepare to “swing” chickens in Brooklyn, NY in 2008

A Wing & A Prayer The Kapparot Chicken-Swinging Ritual


New York

flipping the bird
Geralyn Shukwit/Courtesy Rina Deych
A young Brooklyn man participating in a Kaporos tradition of slaughtering chickens to raise money for local synagogues gives the finger to animal rights activist Rina Deych as she tries to discourage members of the community from the practice.

New Jersey

Los Angeles



New York

Kaporos Chickens Find Sanctuary Happiness
Click for More Kaporos Chickens Find Sanctuary Happiness
Updated 11 February 2015

These young chickens were rescued from a Kaporos ritual in Boro Park, Brooklyn, New York
on October 3, 2014. Despite being immobilized in transport crates without food or water,
here they are enjoying their lives full of energy, curiosity, friendliness and good cheer.
Video by Kurt Andernach, And-Hof Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York.

Los Angeles



New York

Los Angeles


Considerations, Information, Pleas for Mercy & Action

2010 more on www.EndChickensAsKaporos.com


Photo by: Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times
New York Times Monday September, 16 2002
kapparot ny
Kapparot practitioners prepare to
swing chickens in Chicago in 2004

chicken-strike-cover (20K)
Now Available from UPC!
When the Chickens Went on Strike

By Erica Silverman and illustrated by Matthew Trueman.

One day during Rosh Hashanah - the beginning of the Jewish New Year - a boy overhears the chickens in his village plan a strike. They are sick of being used for Kapores, the custom practiced in his Russian village where live chickens are waved over everyone's heads to erase their bad deeds. "An end to Kapores!" the chickens chant as they flee the town.

This book is adapted from a story by Sholom Aleichem, the great Yiddish author best known for his tales which are the basis of the internationally acclaimed play Fiddler on the Roof.

2008 & earlier
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