Fall 2010 Poultry Press NEXT
New Classroom Resources from UPC!

Hatching Good Lessons

A Teachers Guide to Humane Alternatives to Chick-Hatching Projects
Revised & Updated by United Poultry Concerns, 2010
16 pages of information, storytelling, classroom activities & color photos
Grades K-6 (some activities are designed for K-12)
$2.50 per booklet. $1.00 per booklet for orders of 5 or more

Hatching Good Lessons is a guide booklet for elementary school teachers and other educators including parents. Following a brief overview of the problems involved with classroom bird-hatching and mechanical incubation, the booklet provides a variety of exciting learning activities, programs and products for students in grades K-6 on the development and life of chickens and other birds. The materials presented encourage classroom programs and activities that teach life cycles and inspire students to appreciate, respect, and learn about the amazing life of birds on our planet and in their own neighborhoods.

Hatching Good Lessons can also be viewed and printed out directly by going to our website at www.upc-online.org/hatching/. Additional classroom projects focusing on birds can be found there as well.

chickens_at_play (59K)

New DVD for children K-6 (and older!)

Chickens at Play

Produced by United Poultry Concerns and The Image Productions
DVD 10:04 minutes. Grades K-6
$5.00. 50% off bulk orders of 5 ($2.50 each) = $12.50. Order from United Poultry Concerns.
Watch: http://vimeo.com/13210456

This vibrant video shows chickens at the United Poultry Concerns sanctuary in Virginia. Starting in the morning, we see them eagerly waiting to be let outside in the yard, then racing through their door to pounce on lettuce and start their day. We watch and listen to the chickens through their daily activities into the evening as, one by one, they hop up to their perches for the night. Accompanied by lively music, this DVD includes brief explanations of what the chickens are doing in particular scenes, narrated by a young child.

Fall 2010 Poultry Press NEXT