Daily Camera Tuesday December 13, 1994

"Hen abuse continues, group says Tape shows carcasses; State finds no violations

For the second time in a year, animal rights activists have videotaped conditions at Boulder Valley Poultry Farms. . . ."

The next issue of PoultryPress (Spring/Summer 1995) will feature a special investigative follow-up report by Dave Crawford, co-director of Rocky Mountain Animal Defense and producer of the powerful new video, Raw Footage, Raw Pain: Inside a Battery Hen Operation. Crawford told the harrowing story of Boulder Valley Poultry Farms in PoultryPress Vol. 4, No. 2 (Spring/Summer 1994). His latest undercover investigation, which includes color photographs and video footage, reveals the relentless, criminal horror which the hens have continued to suffer at this business-as-usual battery complex, claimed by an animal welfare representative to be managed by "one of the best people in the industry."

Informed by a police officer in January that he could be charged with trespassing, Crawford said: "That is a chance I'm willing to take" (Boulder County Sheriff's Department Case Report, Jan. 9, 1995).

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