Spring 1996 Poultry Press Action Alert
Haagen-Dazs: Popsicles with Eggs?
"Dear Haagen-Dazs, You cannot imagine my delight when I first saw your sorbet and popsicles on the market! My passion quickly faded, however, when I saw that you include egg whites in your chocolate sorbet and in your various flavors of popsicles. Please remove the egg whites from your chocolate sorbet and from your popsicles. Consumers do not expect sorbet and popsicles to have eggs, and many people will innocently buy your product only to discover animal cruelty as an unwelcome hidden ingredient. Sincerely, Julie Beckham."

What Can I Do?

Urge Haagen-Dazs to remove the egg whites from their chocolate sorbet and from their popsicles. The conditions under which eggs are produced are unwholesome and inhumane. Americans already suffer from kidney disease and osteoporosis from eating too much protein. Progressive vegetarians avoid eggs but will avidly purchase egg-free products. Contact: Customer Relations, The Haagen-Dazs Co., Teaneck NJ 07666.
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