Spring 1996 Poultry Press

Save the Chicks!

The National PTA Magazine Our Children did a great write-up in their Jan/Feb 1996 issue about our campaign to replace chick hatching projects in the classroom with alternative programs. A teacher from Florida told UPC that his school dropped hatching projects following a warning about salmonella, but that UPC's information in Our Children now caused him to reflect on the humane issues involved. UPC is eager to add stimulating new teaching ideas when we revise our booklet, REPLACING SCHOOL HATCHING PROJECTS: Alternative Resources & How to Order Them. Last November, we distributed over a thousand free booklets to teachers at the National Science Teachers Association Convention in Baltimore, and will be exhibiting again this year at the NSTA Convention in Atlanta. Our ads in teachers' magazines have generated over a thousand more requests since our booklet was first published in April 1995.

What Can I Do?

  • Please order a copy of our booklet, REPLACING SCHOOL HATCHING PROJECTS, for your school. $3.50. If your school does hatching projects, urge the school to use humane alternatives instead. Our booklet explains why & how.
  • If you are an educator who already has a copy of our booklet, please share with us how it has influenced your teaching with additional ideas and programs you most recommend for teaching life cycles without using live animals in the classroom.
  • Please support our humane education campaign with a generous contribution. Your gift will provide the much needed resources for revising, reprinting, advertising and distributing our guide booklet. Thank you!
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