Spring 1996 Poultry Press

Vegan Power!

Make the Vegan Pledge Now
UPC is delighted to add 9 new groups to our growing list of organizations dedicated to the ethical treatment of all animals. The total number of signatories is now 47, with the welcome addition of: Animal Rights Foundation of Florida, Coalition for Animal Rights and the Environment (PA), EarthSave Long Island (NY), New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance, The North Carolina Network for Animals, Society for Earth Ethics (CO), The Spayed Club (PA), Vegan Society of Queens (NY), Vegetarian Resource of Greater Cincinnati.

Going vegan is easy! Here's what one group wrote to us:

"Dear UPC, The Spayed Club has held all-vegan functions for 1 1/2 years now. We don't mention it in our fundraising literature only because we don't want to 'scare' off potential supporters by making an issue of it. Instead, we call the food 'delicious and nutritious,' or whatever description we happen to use, and let the people arrive at our events. Most people have seemed pleasantly surprised by what we serve them, and often they'll ask questions about the foods they've never seen or heard of before. I haven't heard of any complaints that we don't offer dead chickens or cows. We feel our quiet approach to promoting veganism is non-threatening and very well received. "The Spayed Club works hard to prevent suffering of dogs and cats, but has compassion for all beings, and has committed to veganism to be part of the solution to end the preventable suffering of all beings."
Print out the following form, fill out and Send in to UPC.
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