Spring 1996 Poultry Press




  • Contact: Karen Davis 301-948-2406
  • Date & Time: Sunday, May 19, 1996, Noon to 2 PM
  • Place: The Belmont Kitchen restaurant 2400 18th St. NW, corner of Belmont Rd in Adams Morgan section of downtown Washington DC
  • Metro stops: Woodley Park, Dupont Circle

On Sunday, May 19, 1996, United Poultry Concerns will hold the Sixth Annual Spring Mourning Vigil for Chickens at the Belmont Kitchen in downtown Washington DC, to highlight the battered hens hidden in the eggs at Sunday brunch and to introduce the public to our exciting new recipe booklet Replacing Eggs.

Replacing Eggs has 16 great recipes, plus egg-replacers showing how easy it is to replace eggs. Delicious free food samples will be given out at the Vigil, along with Replacing Eggs, to encourage people to start cookin' without eggs!

Today's eggs come from buildings so toxic with ammonia that employees must wear gas masks. Toxic ammonia fumes rise from the mounds of manure beneath the wire cages causing contagious diseases and death to millions of hens. The eggs sold to customers incorporate these poisonous ammonia fumes in addition to salmonella poison.

A 1996 news release by Food Animal Concerns Trust says, "New data from the US Department of Agriculture show a dramatic increase in Salmonella enteritidis in raw eggs and in laying hens." Is it any wonder? US laying hens are forced to live in an environment so vile, one visitor described it as "the insane asylum of the universe."

Please Join Us. Full-Color Banners & Posters Will be Provided.

Participants are invited to join us after the Vigil for an all-vegetarian Ethiopian dinner just a few doors away. RSVP for reservations.
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