Spring 1997 Poultry Press
Pudgies Plunges!
When a Washington D.C. area radio station announced it would broadcast the grand-opening of Pudgies Chicken in August, United Poultry Concerns stormed the shopping center with 14 dedicated troops! The radio host raved against our invasion on the air--but guess what? Six months later, Pudgies is closing!

So long, Pudgies.
What Can I DO?
  • Leaflet at your nearest "Pudgies." Order UPC's handout "Chicken For Dinner?" and zap the chicken industry in your neighborhood.

  • Pass the word: The Oct. 7, 1996 issue of Feedstuffs ("the weekly newspaper of agribusiness") states: "Factoring in feed efficiency and carcass yield, it takes about 4 pounds of grain to produce a pound of poultry." Murder and inefficiency.
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