Spring 1997 Poultry Press
Thank British Airways
The Summer 1996 issue of PoultryPress urged readers to protest British Airways' plan to serve ostrich to first-class passengers starting in July. British Airways received thousands of letters from around the world demanding the removal of ostrich from their menu. Happily, British Airways announced in October, "Please know that this service was a trial and due to passenger and public dissatisfaction it has been discontinued."
What Can I DO?
  • Thank British Airways for removing ostrich and insist that it never be resumed. British Airways told UPC members: "We appreciate comments from the traveling public and we listen to the feedback we receive. Please do not hesitate to write as you did when you feel that we are not providing an acceptable standard of service." Contact: British Airways, Customer Relations, 75-20 Astoria Blvd. Jackson Heights, NY 11370.
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