Speak up for the Birds!
Sponsor An Ad

Camera-ready copies of the following advertisements are available for $10(US).

The standard two column ad sizes are listed below each ad.

To sponsor one of the below ads:

  • Talk to the newspaper/publication that you are planning to place the ad to find out the following information:
    1. Tell them the size of your ad.
    2. Do they accept camera ready copy? If not, what do they accept?
    3. What is the line screen(lines per inch) they use? Most newspapers use a 85-line screen although some use a 65-line screen.

  • Call Craig Mummey at (301) 314-8500 with the above information. If everything is ok, send him $10 and he will send you the camera-ready copy to send to the publication.
      Craig Mummey
      Maryland Media
      University of Maryland
      3144 South Campus Dining Hall
      College Park, MD 20742
      (301) 314-8500.

WIDTH:4.25" HEIGHT: 5"

WIDTH: 4.25" HEIGHT: 5.5"

WIDTH: 4.25" HEIGHT: 5.5"

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