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Animal Rights 2003 National Conferences

Exposing and Challenging the Daily Terror Against Animals

June 27 - July 1 in Washington DC August 1 - August 5 in Los Angeles

Speakers: Carol Adams, Neal Barnard, Lorri & Gene Bauston, Alan Berger, Steve Best, Theo Capaldo, Joe Connelly, Joyce D'Silva, Karen Davis, Karen Dawn, Joan Dunayer, Mary Finelli, Michael Gregor, Holly Hazard, Alex Hershaft, Steve Hindi, Elliot Katz, Howard Lyman, Mike Markarian, Jim Mason, Michael Mountain, Lydia Nichols, Jack Norris, Lauren Ornelas, Wayne Pacelle, Miyun Park, Norm Phelps, Heidi Prescott, Patrick Kwan, Nathan Runkle, Paul Shapiro, Sherry Schlueter, Peter Singer, Joyce Tischler, Paul Watson, Zoe Weil, and 100 more!

  • Strategies for our movement
  • Newcomer Orientation
  • Organizing & outreach skills
  • Rap Sessions on major issues
  • Campaign Reports
  • Animal Rights Expo & Videos
  • Employment Clearinghouse
  • Awards Banquet
  • Networking Receptions
  • Delicious vegan cuisine

Photo by: Clyde Lassell
DC: $140 by 5/15, $160 by 6/22, $180 at the door, $120/wknd, $70/day
LA: 140 by 6/15, 160 by 7/22, $180 at the door, $120/wknd, $70/day
(Group/student/senior/low-income discounts and work scholarships available)

www.AnimalRights2003.org 1-888-FARM USA (888-327-6872)

United Poultry Concerns is one of the sponsors of the Animal Rights 2003 National Conferences

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