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Dear Friends of United Poultry Concerns,

Thank you for your kind and generous support in 2006. As you know, we depend entirely upon your continuing donations to carry out our work. Among our many expenditures, we pay $4000 each year in July for the audit that’s required to be part of the Combined Federal Campaign and as part of our pledge to our donors that the money you give is used solely to advance our mission.

One of our many projects in 2006 is putting up billboards in major cities – Columbus, Ohio in May, Dallas-Fort Worth in June – and more to come!

Billboard prices vary from city to city, but the average cost of a PSA (public service announcement) billboard is $600 - $700. Commercial billboards cost twice as much.

Please support our Billboards Campaign. We’re targeting major US cities (markets) this year as our budget permits. To support our Billboard Campaign, please send your check or money order to UPC, PO Box 150, Machipongo, VA 23405. To donate online by using your credit card, simply go to our website at www.upc-online.org. Thank You!

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