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“Wings” Lecture Event Highlights the Plight of
Domestic Fowl

(Adapted from the Animal Rights Coalition newsletter)

The “Wings” lecture event in February at the Hopkins Center for the Arts in Minneapolis brought together artists (Mary Britton Clouse, Steve Nowatzki, and Vazalt) and speakers who have dedicated their lives to helping birds and other animals. Each artist explored, in a personal way, the plight experienced by birds as unique individual beings and the tragedy that happens when human interests collide with the interests of birds on the factory farm, in the exotic pet industry, and in vanishing native habitat.

As part of this event, the Minnesota Animal Rights Coalition sponsored a lecture by author/scholar Dr. Karen Davis, President and Founder of United Poultry Concerns, entitled “The Unseen Being Revealed: The Plight of Domestic Fowl.” Her deeply moving presentation included photos and first-hand accounts of the conditions experienced by battery hens who are raised for their eggs and chickens who are raised for the meat industry.

Animal Acres

On May 6, UPC President Karen Davis spoke at the first annual Animal Acres Hoe Down, an event to teach people about compassionate resources in their community and educate participants about farmed animal issues and what they can do to help. Karen talked about what led her to start United Poultry Concerns and why it is so important to stick up for chickens, turkeys, ducks and a vegetarian lifestyle. Animal Acres is a Los Angeles farmed animal sanctuary directed by Farm Sanctuary co-founder Lorri Bauston. For information call 661-269-2194 or visit www.animalacres.org.

Upcoming Events at which UPC President Karen Davis Will Speak

Vegetarian Summerfest, Johnstown, PA, July 5-9. The North American Vegetarian Society celebrates Summerfest’s 31st anniversary with 5 days of food, families and fun. For information call 518-568-7970 or visit www.vegetariansummerfest.org.

Animal Rights 2006 National Conference, Washington, DC, August 10-14. World’s largest & oldest animal rights conference observes the 25th anniversary of our movement. 100 presenters. For information, call 888-ASK-FARM (275-3276) or visit www.ARConference.org.

“The Strength of Many,” 21st Annual International Compassionate Living Festival, Los Angeles, October 6-8. Co-produced by the Animals and Society Institute and Tom Regan and the Culture and Animals Foundation. For information call 410-675-4566 or visit www.animalsandsociety.org/conference06.htm.

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