Summer 1999 Poultry Press Legislative Actions

Keith Amberson of Amberson Farms in Lake Stevens, Snohomish County, Washington left 50,000+ caged hens used for egg production to starve to death and die of thirst in their cages. Cited by the Department of Ecology for gross environmental violations, Keith Amberson, the owner, decided it was cheaper to starve his hens than to pay the $21,000 fine and clean up the filth.

Despite the evidence submitted by the Snohomish County sheriff's deputies and animal control officers, and a video that showed live chickens forced to eat dead chickens to stay alive and rats swarming in the chicken houses, the County Prosecuting Attorney's Office said on March 25th it is declining to file charges, but said the office could change its mind.

  • Prosecutors' offices base their priorities on public reaction. It is hearing from YOU that encourages them to proceed with prosecution. Please politely contact:
    Mr. James Krider
    Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney
    3000 Rockefeller Ave., M/S 504
    Everett, WA 98201
    Ph: 425-388-3333; fax: 3572
    Politely urge them to file second-degree animal cruelty charges against the farm's owner, Keith Amberson.

  • Please thank the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office for their investigation and for recommending that second-degree animal cruelty charges be filed against the owner in their report to the Prosecutor's Office.
    Ms. Jan Jorgenson
    Snohomish County Sheriff's Office
    3000 Rockefeller Ave., M/S 606
    Everett, WA 98201
    Ph: 425-388-3393; fax: 3805

  • For more information and updates contact Pasado's Safe Haven, a sanctuary for abused and neglected animals:
    Susan Michaels, Director
    Pasado's Safe Haven
    PO Box 171
    Sultan, WA 98294
    Ph/fax: 360-793-9393

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Summer 1999 Poultry Press Legislative Actions